Nov 25th – Day 329 On Ice

Weather: Beautiful clear, blue skies. Windy. Temperatures near -20F.

We just received our 3rd flight this year. Unfortunately since there had been south-bound pax from CHC earlier this week, we are now in level yellow… which I guess is what everyone everywhere in the world has been doing for the past 8 months.

My homemade mask (and definitely the cutest on station!)… today begins 6 days of level yellow before we can go back to green.

I’ve also been bumped back from my original Nov 30th flight to Dec 12th since our 2nd 2021 winterover just arrived yesterday and we have many more days worth of work to get done (probably even 6 days worth of EHT training alone!).

Seems like at this point all of the grantees (science folks) are on the Dec 12th flight due to all of the weather delays this past ~few weeks. Hopefully that means that they will be very serious about getting us on the Dec 17th LC-130 north from McM to CHC (the last one for more than a month!).

For the next 2 weeks we will be hitting the ground running doing SPT turnover tasks and summer maintenance including lots and lots of greasing! Yay!

2 thoughts on “Nov 25th – Day 329 On Ice

  1. Hey Allen, thanks for the pic. Looking a bit pale – need to get some more sun… 🙂
    When you get to NZ, go extra hard with the sun screen.
    Looking forward to seeing you back home.


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