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July 15th – Day 238 on Ice

Photo Dump!! (most/all of the pretty photos you’ll see here were taken by Aman Chokshi – my fellow SPT winterover) According to Googling “Days since April 17th” it has been 89 days since my last update. I must admit, it’s nice to not have to worry about updating this thing but I think it’s beenContinue reading “July 15th – Day 238 on Ice”

Feb 18th – Day 91 at Pole

Temps are rapidly dropping; we’re now at -50F and rapidly approaching -60F (according to met, we should reach it next week). Tonight we partake in the annual watching of ‘The Thing’ (all 3, actually) and really kick off the winter! We still have several demobilization flights passing through on their way off the continent, soContinue reading “Feb 18th – Day 91 at Pole”

Feb 14th – Day 87 at Pole: 1st day of Winter!

Well it’s been a while since my last post, and a lot has happened. Long story short: I am wintering again! I’m excited, but also feel a bit of a push to get my thesis done this year which means getting a few projects finished that I’ve been working on so that I have resultsContinue reading “Feb 14th – Day 87 at Pole: 1st day of Winter!”

Jan 26th – Day 68 at Pole

Had some interesting weather recently; from dark clouds to bright sunshine, perfectly calm to gusty blowing snow. I don’t have much to say but wanted to gloat about some sweet bling, courtesy of Aman and Cheng (SPT and BICEP respectively)! Since I didn’t run the marathon, I didn’t get a marathon medal, but they kindlyContinue reading “Jan 26th – Day 68 at Pole”

Jan 19th – Day 63 at Pole

Blogy blog blog. It’s time to blog. This past weekend (Sunday, Jan 16th) was the rescheduled South Pole Marathon. Unfortunately the weather turned to crap again (literally just for the day and then calmed down right afterwards) but 12 people still ran! Only 3 people were to finish the full marathon (out of 7 signedContinue reading “Jan 19th – Day 63 at Pole”

Jan 11th – Day 56 at Pole

Alright; now that I’m more cognizant, I will try to provide a proper run down of my… “run”. There have been two self-reported ultra marathons run at the South Pole. The first was run by John Fegy in Jan 2016 ( covering 50.8 miles in 13:30. (Neat tidbit was that Fegy also completed the BarkleyContinue reading “Jan 11th – Day 56 at Pole”