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Feb 18th – Day 91 at Pole

Temps are rapidly dropping; we’re now at -50F and rapidly approaching -60F (according to met, we should reach it next week).

Air temp as recorded at the SPT over the past 30 days (in Celsius).

Tonight we partake in the annual watching of ‘The Thing’ (all 3, actually) and really kick off the winter!

We still have several demobilization flights passing through on their way off the continent, so we’re not quite settled into full-swing isolation. This is also the transition period where people are getting used to winter, and the sun drops rapidly in the sky. We only have ~5 weeks until sunset! Hard to believe I’ve been here for 3 months already. Time flies!

It’s also kind of interesting being a veteran winterover… knowing how much things will change over the course of the season and seeing how well everyone gets along now — I do think we have a really solid crew ; but things change, and winter is long. Only time will tell 🙂 As for me, I’ve been busy working trying to get some projects done and have some results to write about in a thesis. There are also a ton of events (sports, movie nights, social events, etc) since it’s the beginning of the season, which I want to partake in, and those all take up time as well! Busy busy!

I’m also editing the clips I took during my ultra run a few weeks ago… I was able to partially recover the videos – lots of choppy video and audio that doesn’t sync up. I want to make the video nice with music and edits, and labeled aerial photos, etc, but I don’t know if I have the patience or drive… I’ll probably just smash the clips together and call it good.

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