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Feb 14th – Day 87 at Pole: 1st day of Winter!

Well it’s been a while since my last post, and a lot has happened. Long story short: I am wintering again!

Two Baslers were needed to take out the remaining 19 summer people… Station is officially closed!

I’m excited, but also feel a bit of a push to get my thesis done this year which means getting a few projects finished that I’ve been working on so that I have results to discuss.


It was (I think) unprecedented to have 2 USAP Baslers in the terminal at once. There was a big push to get the station closed before the bad weather arrives later this week. It was also surprising that 19 people (and their luggage!) could fly out on 2 Baslers ; they generally cap it at 6-8 people outbound from Pole due to the altitude. I heard thought that in colder weather they can take off more easily so being -45F today must have helped.

Here’s to winter number 2!

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