Dec 24th – Day 1 Back in the States

Weather: No idea. Who cares… Warmish. 60s maybe. Cloudy Landed in LAX today. Tonight I fly Santa Air back to IAD where I will arrive at 6am. Just in time for festivities back home in MD. It’s certainly weird being thrown back into COVID world when I have had literally zero exposure to it before.Continue reading “Dec 24th – Day 1 Back in the States”

Dec 21st – Day 355 on Ice

Weather: Balmy, 30F positive! Calm winds and overcast. Living the dream in McMurdo… been here for 12 days now. Weather delays, runway delays and crew turnover delays are the story of our escape from McM. As conditions warm for the summer here, the runway has deteriorated into a skiway, and so the US Antarctic ProgramContinue reading “Dec 21st – Day 355 on Ice”

Dec 3rd – Day 337 on Ice

Weather: Clear and calm up until yesterday. Now windy with plenty of blowing snow. Temperatures are warm, around -20F. Summer turnover is wrapping up at SPT, and we’ve completed most of our critical summer maintenance. Soon we will be fully beginning uninterrupted Summer observations (and by we, I mean the new winterovers, not me!). WeContinue reading “Dec 3rd – Day 337 on Ice”

Nov 25th – Day 329 On Ice

Weather: Beautiful clear, blue skies. Windy. Temperatures near -20F. We just received our 3rd flight this year. Unfortunately since there had been south-bound pax from CHC earlier this week, we are now in level yellow… which I guess is what everyone everywhere in the world has been doing for the past 8 months. I’ve alsoContinue reading “Nov 25th – Day 329 On Ice”

Nov. 18th – Day 322 on Ice

Weather: Beautiful, clear, calm. Light winds and cloud systems moving through with enough clear conditions to land a plane! Temps around -26F. THE STATION IS OPEN!! IT IS OFFICIALLY SUMMER! Seeing new people is weird. Today was very exciting having a plane arrive and knowing it was the end of winter. Summer has now startedContinue reading “Nov. 18th – Day 322 on Ice”

Nov. 16th – Day 320 on Ice

Weather: Unseasonably warm, windy, cloudy. Temps got up to -11F today! We have been delayed opening station for about 3 weeks. Generally South Pole Station gets it’s first flights in around the 3rd week of October, but due to COVID logistics and weather, we have still yet to receive a flight and are nearing theContinue reading “Nov. 16th – Day 320 on Ice”

Nov. 1st – Day 305 on Ice

Weather: Warmer, with temperatures hovering around -50F . High winds most of last week. Sun, sun and more sun. Welcome to “No-Fly November”, the eternal optimists least favorite month! Well, at least I know that I’m not flying until the 30th at the earliest (possibly later with weather delays). Next year’s winterovers and any summerContinue reading “Nov. 1st – Day 305 on Ice”

Oct. 20th – Day 293 on Ice

Whew, I’ve been slacking on these updates! Sorry! Weather: It’s been fairly cold, around -70 to -80F with high winds (up near 20 mph) making wind chills well below -100F. Skies have remained relatively clear, despite the higher winds. With station open looming only 2 weeks away people have begun getting antsy and the rumorContinue reading “Oct. 20th – Day 293 on Ice”

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