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One thought on “Jan 10th – Day 55 at Pole

  1. Wait a minute… what do you mean 80 miles? 23 hours ?

    Of running???? Outside or inside? What are you doing crazy man? Sweetheart, why such extremes? How about having a nice cup of coffee and working on your dissertation indoors where it’s warm?

    We’re expecting temps with a high of 16 today and wind chills of 3. Gill will be taking car to school so I plan to walk a mile to grocery store for a few things. But then I’m coming indoors and making tea.

    Seriously be careful love.

    How’s the work going? Anything else good happening down there? How’s the crew this year?

    We are sorta ok up here. Gill holding her own with her pain after a ket@mine in mid December. She will go again late January. We are trying to find the magic number of weeks in between infusions.

    George and Sydney in Vermont for the week working and skiing. I’m going to head up Friday.

    Mabel has a bit of a sprain but is still the best dog in America. ❤️

    We watched Don’t Look Up. Funny and terrifying all at once. Not just the asteroid but the reflection of our political divide.

    Off to start the day my friend. Be careful!!!

    Love you.

    Siobhan McDermott


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