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Feb 28th – Day 101 at Pole

We hit -100F!! ok, ok, not really… but we did get to -100F with windchill! The combination of ~15knt winds and -65F air temp has a feel of below -100F brrr! We are well within the regime of <5min frostbite on any unexposed skin, and getting to more normal winter temperatures. The Sun is now only 8 degrees above the horizon and as the shadows get longer, the temps get colder.

There are now just 3ish weeks until sunset! Time flies!

I’m still working on my little video thingy from my ultra… well that’s a bit of a lie. I haven’t really worked on it in a while, but I think I might try to finish it tonight by just throwing in some images and maybe a song to go over them. I don’t know. but I definitely know I hate editing videos and hearing myself talk 😛

Other than work (both telescope work and thesis work) I have been running both inside on the treadmill and outside if it’s not too windy, playing the variety of sports offered here (basketball, pickle ball, volleyball, etc). Trying to keep up the activity levels and stamina of early winter. I think this weekend, I might try something endurancy and go for an FKT (fastest known time) of the South Pole’s Everest Challenge – which is something like 600 “beer cans” (a beer can is the nickname for the stairwell that runs from the 2nd floor of the station down into the under-ground arches. I did an hour’s worth the other day and estimated it would take me 20ish hours (likely a little longer since I’ll have to take breaks to eat, use the bathroom, change clothes, etc). But that’s another fun challenge to keep pushing myself with.

I should also say that I just finished reading “Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins, so I’m all about pushing myself past normal boundaries. If you haven’t read it, you should. Maybe it’s just the fact that I have a similar mindset to the author (minus the traumatic childhood), but I really though it was inspirational – and I always liked the mindset of “just do it and don’t bitch about it”, and the understanding that you can do much more than you think.

Anyway, below are some photos from SPT winterover Aman Chokshi. Enjoy!

Three demobilization flights. The last 3 Twin Otters on continent! Two of these left tonight and the last one is scheduled to leave tomorrow. After this we will be isolated for the next ~8-9 months.
Sun glinting off of the tourist company’s snow cat. We keep this vehicle stored for them during the winter (though it apparently hasn’t been put away yet).
Me and Aman at our final teambuilding event… We probably had at least half of the 44 person winter crew wearing onesies. Our “instructor” for the teambuilding is a very understanding man 🙂 .
One of the KBA (Ken Borek Air) Twin Otters, taken with a wide-angle fish-eye lens.

One thought on “Feb 28th – Day 101 at Pole

  1. thanks for the photos you know we always enjoy them. Good to hear from you glad to hear you are are doing well. Last time you wintered over had a pandemic now a war can you just stay home. we love you.


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