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Jan 19th – Day 63 at Pole

Blogy blog blog. It’s time to blog.

This past weekend (Sunday, Jan 16th) was the rescheduled South Pole Marathon. Unfortunately the weather turned to crap again (literally just for the day and then calmed down right afterwards) but 12 people still ran! Only 3 people were to finish the full marathon (out of 7 signed up). I was one of the DNFs …. but my DNF was only 0.1 miles into the race. My IT band said no 😦 .

I did start the marathon… but didn’t get more than 1/10th of a mile before quitting (I’m in the back, behind the poofy hat).

I ended up spending the whole time cheering people on and manning the aid station and congratulating finishers. I spent 8 hours out there doing my cheerleading duties! It’s rewarding to do that, but also damn hard to watch everyone running and not be able to participate :/ . Ah well, there’s always next year.

2021 BICEP winterover Brandon Amat was the full marathon first place finisher with a time of 4h36m (very respectable here!). The first place 1/2 marathon finisher was also a BICEP team member; Cheng Zheng in 3h19m. The final finisher of the marathon came in just under 8 hours.

Although I didn’t run on marathon day, I was still awarded a certificate for my 24hr endurance run. I also made medals for each runner (with the help/design of SPT winterover Aman) which, if I do say so myself, are pretty sweet. I might have to make one for myself for the 24hr run…

My 24hr run certificate… and a marathon one for comparison πŸ™‚
This year’s marathon medal made from bronze. Customized per person/distance. Temperatures listed are average temp and average windchill. Altitude is average physio altitude. We got the textured marker on the back by taping and sand-blasting.

I also crunched the numbers from my run. Average temp was -10F with an average windchill of -28F ; quite a bit warmer than the marathon!

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