Dec 24th – Day 1 Back in the States

Weather: No idea. Who cares… Warmish. 60s maybe. Cloudy

Landed in LAX today. Tonight I fly Santa Air back to IAD where I will arrive at 6am. Just in time for festivities back home in MD.

It’s certainly weird being thrown back into COVID world when I have had literally zero exposure to it before. Besides a few days of practice level yellow and a few days of real level yellow at Pole I haven’t even worn a mask before! Christchurch was a nice way to ease into it because there aren’t any cases currently in NZ but the folks at the airports still tend to wear PPE.

Here in the good ol’ USofA, it’s a bit different. Hopefully with my sanitizer usage and winterover anti-social glares, I should be pretty safe on my return journey.

Can’t wait to be back at home and relax on the couch. and sleep. like for a whole day. 🙂

I kind of botched my adjustment to East Coast time today by napping in the middle of the day. Hopefully I can also get some sleep on the flight tonight and start a normal sleep cycle tomorrow.

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